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Adoption Policies

The Kenora Cat Shelter adopts only to adults.

Although a cat or kitten may be adopted primarily as a companion animal to a younger person in the family, the adoption must be made by an adult who formally assumes ultimate responsibility for the cat’s well-being.  


Cats need time to adjust to a new home.
Please allow your new cat plenty of adjustment time for a successful adoption.  Some cats require a longer settling-in time than others, especially when there are young children or other companion animals in the home. The Cat Shelter will help in any way possible to make the adoption positive and successful for you and the cat. If you have any problems please phone the shelter immediately. Addressing a problem promptly usually results in a speedy and satisfactory resolution.

Adoption Fees:The Cat Shelter is committed to ending the tragic cycle of neglected, unwanted cats.  All adult shelter cats are spayed or neutered, micro-chipped, health-checked and vaccinated prior to adoption. A cash donation of $125 is required at the time of adoption to recover a small portion of these costs.  If you adopt a kitten, you must sign an agreement to have it spayed or neutered at the designated time.  Please check with your veterinarian so you know what this surgery will cost you.  The kitten you adopt from The Cat Shelter will be micro-chipped, health-checked and up-to-date on vaccines.  A cash donation of $75 for an unspayed or un-neutered kitten is required at the time of adoption to recover a portion these costs.

Carriers are a safety issue.

Since it is unsafe for a cat or kitten to be transported without a carrier, shelter policy requires adopters to provide a safe, intact, functioning carrier of an appropriate size for each cat adopted.  Please bring the carrier(s) with you to your adoption appointment.  A clean towel or other soft liner will make the trip home more comfortable for your new family member.

What if it doesn't work out?
If the adoption isn’t working out as you had hoped, The Cat Shelter will welcome back your cat or kitten.  Please report any problems promptly and maintain contact with the shelter so that we may try to resolve any issues you may be experiencing.  If a successful resolution can not be accomplished, you must make arrangements by phone for a drop-off appointment.  Please understand that it is not always possible for the shelter to immediately accommodate a returned cat.  We ask that you continue to care for the cat until the drop-off has been arranged. The Cat Shelter will accept your cat as soon as an appropriate kennel is available.  And keep in mind that although an initial adoption may not work out, both you and The Cat Shelter will have learned from this experience.  With this new information, we may be able to place a different, more appropriate cat with you if you are still interested in adopting.   

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