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If a cold, hungry or scared cat or kitten shows up at your door, please don't shoo her away. Offer food, a little at a time, fresh water to drink, shelter and warmth. If you have companion animals, keep the cat isolated from the others to prevent spreading of potential illness.  Take the following steps to see if you can locate an owner.  Both the owner and the kitty would be grateful to be reunited and it's a great feeling to help reunite a lost companion animal to its family!

  • Check the cat for identification such as a collar and tag with owner information.


  • Take her to the local veterinary clinic where they can scan for a microchip (all Kenora Cat Shelter felines are microchipped before adoption).  They may also recognize the cat and know the owner.


  • Call The Cat Shelter to see if the cat has been reported missing. The Cat Shelter maintains a Lost & Found Cat Registry.


  • Look around your neighborhood for Lost Cat signs.  Many owners will post a notice when they have lost their beloved pet.  If no posters are found, put up some of your own Found Cat signs.  Include identifying information, where the cat was found, and how to contact you.  Also, a picture is helpful if possible. Post flyers at vet offices, groomers, pet-supply stores, supermarkets, restaurants and other local businesses (make sure to get permission first). Post them in your neighborhood where the cat was found.  Make sure that they are legible and large enough to be visible to passing vehicles, particularly the "Found Cat" part.


  • Post a notice on Kijiji in their Pet section under "lost and found" (it’s free to do so) as well as in the newspaper and on pet-related sites. Include the pet’s appearance, breed, sex, and age, as well as your contact information and a good photo. Don’t forget to read the “lost” ads, too.

kenora cat shelter found cat
kenora cat shelter found cat
kenora cat shelter found cat

Find a Cat?

If you are unable to locate an owner and decide to offer a permanent home, great! (and remember to vaccinate and spay or neuter). If not, there are alternatives. Ask friends and family if anyone would welcome a new companion.  Be sure the new home is a caring, responsible one.  If you are unable to locate an owner and can not provide a home for the cat, then call The Cat Shelter at 468-4648.

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