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Lose a Cat?

Losing your pet can be distressing, but don’t let despair get in the way of action!  Getting the word out early and to as many people and places as possible is key.  Staying calm and following the steps below can help you find our pet and bring them home safely.

  • Get out and call for your pet by name. Enlist family and friends to canvas the neighborhood, in all directions, on the roads and as the crow flies. Don’t try to predict where your pet could or wouldn’t have gone –YOU NEVER KNOW. The best time to call for your pet is at night, and at dawn. If you are calling from your car, drive slowly, roll down all the windows, stop and turn your vehicle off frequently to listen.


  • Put up posters in your neighborhood.  Keep it simple.  "Lost Cat" should be at the top in large lettering.  Include identifying information, where your cat was last seen, and how to contact you.  Make sure to put the name of your pet on the poster as well so people will be able to call to him or her if seen.  Also, a picture is helpful if possible. Post flyers at vet offices, groomers, pet-supply stores, supermarkets, restaurants and other local businesses (make sure to get permission first).  Make sure that they are legible and large enough to be visible to passing vehicles, particularly the "lost cat" part.

kenora cat shelter lost cat
  • Take advantage of social media to let your friends know about your lost pet.  Getting as many people informed as possible will increase the likelihood of finding your pet.  Notify people who are familiar with your pet that it's lost (for example, newspaper and mail carriers and neighborhood children). The more people who know you have lost a pet, and that you are upset, worried, and desperately trying to find your pet, the more people will call you if they see an animal in the woods or on the road, or in their backyard.

Contact Information for the Kenora area:

  • Animal Control (your cat may be impounded): 1-807-467-2166

  • Kenora Veterinary Clinic (if your cat was found injured, it may have been brought to the clinic):  1-807-468-7441

  • 89.5 The Lake CJRL Pet Patrol:  1-807-468-3181

  • The Daily Miner and News (to place a lost ad):  1-807-468-5555

  • On Facebook:  Pet Patrol of Kenora - lost and found

  • On Facebook:  Pet Wars - Kenora area

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